How much does 52 in LG flat screen cost?


A 52 inch LG flat screen television sells for between $1,500 and $1,100 depending on the store where it's purchased. The best price is online at Electronic Express. Their web address is

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A mobile digital media player (M-DMP), portable media player (PMP), or digital audio player (DAP), is a portable digital consumer electronics device that is capable of storing and playing digital media which is electronic stored, such as audio, images, and video files, etc. and is primarily designed to be carried with you on your person during use. The data is digitized information typically stored on a flash memory, microdrive, or hard drive. In contrast, analog portable audio players play music from non-digital media such as cassette tapes, or records.

Often mobile digital audio players are marketed and sold as "portable MP3 players", even if they also support other file formats and media types. Other types of electronic devices which can also act as a like mobile digital media player, but only have those media playback features as a secondary function, are cellphones, internet tablets, and sometimes even digital cameras are referred as portable media players because of their playback capabilities. This article focuses on portable devices that have the main function of playing media.


The LG enV3 is a mobile phone built by LG Electronics, and released from Verizon Wireless in the United States and Telus Mobility in Canada (as the Keybo 2). It succeeded the LG enV2. Along with a slimmer design, the enV3 also boasts a full keyboard, a 2.6-inch screen and a 3.0-megapixel camera. In addition to standard phone and text messaging capabilities, the enV3 can be used as a portable music player as well as Internet capabilities such as e-mail and web browsing. The phone is Bluetooth enabled.

The enV3 phone has a slimmer design than the previous version. It has a circular D-pad on the front, a number keypad, and a slightly larger external display than the enV2. Along with the number keypad, there is a dedicated Contacts button, a Clear button and the Send and End/Power keys. Once it's opened, the enV3 has a larger 2.6-inch main display and a full QWERTY keyboard. There is a Favorites button for accessing the set favorite contacts and a dedicated text messaging button, which opens a blank text message. The navigation array on the right of the keyboard consists of the typical Send and End/Power keys, a four-way square toggle, a middle OK key, a Clear key, and a dedicated speakerphone key. On the left side of the phone is the camera button and volume adjuster. On the right side, there is a microSD memory card slot and a 2.5mm headset jack. The charger jack is on the bottom of the phone and the camera lens is on the back, as is an LED flash.

LG Electronics (Korean: LG전자, KRX: 066570, LSE: LGLD) is a South Korean multinational electronics company headquartered in Yeouido-dong, Seoul, and a member of the LG Group chaebol. The company operates its business through five divisions: Mobile Communications, Home Entertainment, Home Appliances, Air Conditioning, and Energy Solutions. It is the world's second-largest television manufacturer (after Samsung Electronics), and the world's fifth-largest mobile phone maker by unit sales in the second quarter of 2012.

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