How many watts can an 12 inch l7 kicker sub take?


A 12 inch Kicker can take 750 watts RMS with 1500 watts peak. Does this answer your question?

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GigaWorks ProGamer G500 is a 5.1 speaker system by Creative Technology aimed at computer gamers. It features five 3 inch, 36 watt RMS satellites, and a 8 inch 130 watt RMS subwoofer with dual ports. It puts out 310 watts RMS power, and 620 watts peak power. The subwoofer has an integrated amplifier. It includes a wired remote control that allows the user to change amplitude levels for center, rear, and subwoofer speakers, and adjust the treble.

The system can also be muted, put it into standby, or plug in headphones from/with the remote. The G500 also features the an upmixing feature, to create a 5.1 sound field from a 2.0 stereo input, switchable from the remote. The frequency response range of the G500 is 35–20,000 Hz, with a SNR of 85 dB. It is tuned for low end punch, so it does not produce extremely crisp high notes, but it is understandable, considering the target audience.

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Audio power is the electrical power transferred from an audio amplifier to a loudspeaker, measured in watts. The electrical power delivered to the loudspeaker, together with its sensitivity, determines the sound power level generated (with the rest being converted to heat).

Amplifiers are limited in the electrical energy they can amplify, while loudspeakers are limited in the electrical energy they can convert to sound energy without distorting the audio signal or damaging themselves. These power ratings are important to consumers finding compatible products and comparing competitors.

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