How many senators are elected every 2 years?


Every two years about 1/3 of the Senators (approximately 33) are up for re-election.

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In staggered elections, not all places in an elected body are up for election at the same time. The staggered election keeps some continuity in the elected body.

For example United States Senators have a 6-year term but they are not all elected at the same time. Rather, every two years elections are held for one third of US Senate seats. Elections to the Senates of several other countries, and to regional bodies, are similarly staggered. In the United Kingdom, some councils have staggerred elections, with councillors serving 4-year terms.

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Incumbency is one of the most researched and debated topics within the realm of political science. However, the research regarding appointed U.S. Senators and the incumbency advantage is not nearly as vast. In this research, the relationship between the number of months served as an appointed U.S. Senator and the percentage of vote that appointed senator receives in their initial election is studied. It is hypothesized that the longer an appointee has served before an election, the higher percentage of vote that appointee will receive. To do this, data was compiled from the United States congressional archives consisting of appointed U.S. Senators, the percentage of vote those appointed senators won in their election after their appointment, as well as the number of months served between their appointment and election. Discovering a relationship between months served and the vote percentages received will add to the scholarship of incumbency, and more specifically, how the discipline of political science views appointed U.S. Senators.

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