How many rooms is in a mansion?


Mansions are merely large, expensive houses. There are no standards for size and/or number of rooms.

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The Broadway Mansions (simplified Chinese: 百老汇大厦; traditional Chinese: 百老匯大廈; pinyin: Bǎilǎohuì Dàshà) is a nineteen-floor Art Deco five star hotel, one of the most famous hotels in Shanghai, China. It's been stated "since the day of its opening it had been one of the sights of Shanghai", and was for over five decades one of the primary symbols of Shanghai. It was once its most visible landmark, Completed in 1934, the same year as the Park Hotel, which is 19 feet taller, it was the tallest apartment building in Shanghai and remained so for several decades. Located near the confluence of Suzhou Creek and the Huangpu River, as well as the northern end of The Bund, it was built by the architectural and engineering firm of Palmer and Turner, and its completion in 1935 signalled the commencement of the high-rise building era in Asia. It was Shanghai's "closest approach to a modern American skyscraper." It commands possibly the best view of the Bund and Huangpu. Originally labelled as "The Broadway Mansions" in 1935, it was renamed Shanghai Mansions by the Shanghai Municipal Council in 1951, but reverted to its original name after China opened up again to the West. The Broadway Mansions has been owned and operated by the Shanghai Hengshan (Group) Holdings Company (上海市人民政府直属的上海衡山集团) since at least 1985.

Devon Mansions are a set of five residential mansion block buildings situated along the south side of Tooley Street in Bermondsey, London. The buildings are located within the London Borough of Southwark and are included in both the Tower Bridge and Tooley Street Conservation Areas.

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