How many minutes are in 3 months and 5 days?


138 687.191 minutes!

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Another Minute is a song by the American synthpop band Cause&Effect. It was released as a single in 1992. Catalog #:72445-14035-1 Side A Side B Catalog #:72445-14044-2 Catalog #:ZADV0036-4 Catalog #:ZP17077-1 Side A Side B Catalog #:ZP17063-1 Side A Side B Catalog #:ZP17064-2
"Once You've Tasted Love" pop–dance song by boy band Take That. It was written by Gary Barlow and released in 1992, becoming the third release from Take That's debut album Take That & Party. Written by Gary Barlow and produced by Duncan Bridgeman, "Once You've Tasted Love" was released on 3 February 1992 as the third single from the band's debut album Take That & Party (1992). It was not a success, charting at number 47 on the UK Singles Chart. The music video was shot on a low budget in a warehouse. The band is shown performing the song against a white backdrop.
"It Only Takes a Minute" is a 1975 song by Tavares. It would become the group's only Top 10 pop hit in the United States, peaking at #10. It also became their second #1 song on the American soul charts. The song was subsequently covered by Jonathan King performing as 100 Ton and a Feather in 1976 and by boyband Take That in 1992. Tavares did not release their original version in the UK until 1986 when it could only reach No 46 in the charts. It was the last of their 10 Top 75 hits in the UK charts. Jonathan King's version peaked at No 9 for two weeks in July 1976. It would prove to be the last of his six Top ten UK singles in a career that started in 1965 with "Everyone's Gone To The Moon". Released on June 1, 1992 by boyband Take That, it was the fourth single from the band's debut album Take That & Party. It became the band's first top ten single, charting at number seven on the UK Singles Chart. A re-mastered version of Tavares' track is featured in the soundtrack of Konami's dancing game Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix. A remix from European producer X-Treme was featured in DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution 7th MIX. The song was performed as conjunction with "Do What You Like" in the Take That Hometown Tour which featured Mini Take That. The music video involves the band singing and performing the song at a boxing ring with members Donald, Orange and Owen breakdancing whilst Williams and Barlow chase after a girl. *Only included as part of the 'Club Megamix' on the "Could It Be Magic" 12" Vinyl, unreleased as full track.
This is a list of videos and DVDs produced for The Adventures of Tintin, the comics series by Belgian cartoonist Hergé. A limited edition of Ellipse-Nelvana's The Adventures of Tintin TV cartoon series was released as its HMV exclusive in Europe by Anchor Bay Entertainment. It contains all 21 full-length episodes on 5 DVDs. Contains six discs. The episodes are viewed in the same way as the comics are released. With the exception of Tintin in the Land of the Soviets, Tintin in the Congo and Tintin and Alph-Art, all episodes are released. The first three discs have four episodes, the last three have three.
Greek Orthodox Church Saint Oliva (or Olivia) (†138) was martyred under Hadrian; her relics are venerated at Saint Afra's Church, Brescia. Her feast day is 5 March.
NYS Route 138 marker New York State Route 138 (NY 138) is a 5.19-mile (8.35 km) long state highway in Westchester County, New York. It begins in the town of Somers at NY 100 and ends at NY 121 west of the hamlet of Waccabuc. The road passes by the shopping center at Golden's Bridge. NY 138 begins at an intersection with NY 100 in the town of Somers. NY 138 proceeds southeast away from NY 100 through dense woods in the town of Somers, bending further southeast and crossover the Muscoot Reservoir near Bridge L-158 into the town of Lewisboro. Now in Lewisboro, NY 138 enters the hamlet of Golden's Bridge, where it crosses north of the parking lot for the Metro-North station. After passing the station entranceway, the route crosses over I-684, which is connected only by a ramp to the southbound lanes. Immediately after I-684, NY 138 crosses a grade-sperated junction with NY 22. After NY 22, NY 138 continues east through Lewisboro, remaining a two-lane residential road. Passing north of Lake Katonah, the route reaches a junction with Increase Miller Road, where it turns northeast past Fox Valley Park. After this northeast turn, the route reaches a junction with NY 121, marking the eastern terminus of NY 138, whose right-of-way continues east as Chapel Road. NY 138 was established in the 1930 state highway renumbering and has not had any major changes since. The entire route is in Westchester County.
Liberty Wireless is a mobile phone service launched in the United States in 2002. The company is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator and operates on the Sprint CDMA network. Liberty Wireless is owned by Cozac LLC, a subsidiary of APC Wireless. You pay each month in advance for your minutes. If you use up your minutes before the next monthly pay period, you can get Add-On minutes. Minutes expire within 30 days once added to the account and any unused minutes are not carried over passed the 30 days regardless of whether or not more minutes are purchased before the end of the 30 days. It's extremely difficult to add minutes to an existing account, if you use them all up. In theory, if you still have minutes, you can increase them by pressing *1776, however in practice this rarely works. You can go to their web site, but all you can do there is purchase a card that they will then send you in the mail. Currently the Liberty Wireless web site only has the Motorola Q and the Motorola V323i to choose from. However, the site does state that the actual phone may vary, which leaves the buyer unaware of which phone they may actually be getting. Coverage area on the native Sprint Nextel CDMA network (dark green) and CDMA roaming partners such as Alltel. Liberty Wireless does not charge extra for roaming.

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