How many laps would 5k run be around a high school track?


A typical high school track is 400 m around. A 5k is 5 km or 5,000 m. Therefore, a 5k is 12.5 laps around the track. AnswerParty!

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Adam Goucher (born February 18, 1975) is a retired American cross-country and track and field athlete. He primarily competed in distance events and is featured in Running With The Buffaloes, a book revolving around the 1998 season of the University of Colorado cross country team.

Goucher attended Doherty High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado and graduated in 1994. He won the Foot Locker National High School Cross Country Championship in 1993, as well as having personal bests of 1:53 at 800 m, 4:18 at 1600 m, and 8:55 at 3200 m.

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