How long is an elephants gestational period?


An elephant's gestational period is usually from 18-20 months! Thanks for using AnswerParty!

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Gestational age (or menstrual age) is the age of a pregnancy. The most commonly used event to mark the initiation of pregnancy for the calculation of gestational age is the first day of the woman's last normal menstrual period (LMP). This choice is a result of a lack of a convenient way to discern when fertilization occurred. In contrast, menstrual periods are essentially always noticed.

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Prenatal or antenatal development is the process in which a human embryo or fetus (or foetus) gestates during pregnancy, from fertilization until birth. Often, the terms fetal development, foetal development, or embryology are used in a similar sense.

After fertilization the embryogenesis starts. In humans, when embryogenesis finishes, by the end of the 10th week of gestational age, the precursors of all the major organs of the body have been created. Therefore, the following period, the fetal period, is described both topically on one hand, i.e. by organ, and strictly chronologically on the other, by a list of major occurrences by weeks of gestational age.

Crown-rump length (CRL) is the measurement of the length of human embryos and fetuses from the top of the head (crown) to the bottom of the buttocks (rump). It is typically determined from ultrasound imagery and can be used to estimate gestational age.

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