How fast does a 1600cc Sandrail dune buggy go?


The SR-2 1600cc Dual Sport sandrail features a Chery 1600cc SOHC engine which gives it 95 horsepower and a five speed low ratio transmission. AnswerParty!

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A dune buggy is a recreational vehicle with large wheels, and wide tires, designed for use on sand dunes, beaches, or desert recreation. It is called a "Beach Buggy" in the United Kingdom, Ireland and many other English speaking countries. The design is usually a modified vehicle and engine mounted on an open chassis. The modifications usually attempt to increase the power-to-weight ratio by either lightening the vehicle or increasing engine power or both. Dune buggies designed specifically for operation on open sand are called sandrails.

A similar, more recent generation of off-road vehicle, often similar in appearance to a sandrail but designed for different use, is the "off road go-kart". The difference may be little more than fitting all-terrain tires instead of sand tires and the much smaller size of the engine.

Car classification is a general term that relates to any effort to place vehicles into categories. Governments and private organizations have developed classification schemes that are used for innumerable purposes including regulation, description and categorization, among others. This article details commonly used classification schemes in use worldwide.

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A sandrail, or sand rail, or rail, is a lightweight off-road motor vehicle specifically built for traveling in sandy terrain. Similar in some respects but often mistakenly referred to as a dune buggy or sand car, a sandrail is a different type of specialty vehicle. Sandrails are popularly operated on actual sand dunes. Some of the most popular sand dunes in the United States include; Dumont Dunes CA, Coral Pink UT, Oregon Dunes OR, St. Anthony Dunes ID and the grand daddy of dune riding Algodones Dunes CA (Imperial Sand Dunes). Sandrails can be driven on other types of terrain but are truly designed specifically for the sand.

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