How do you spell boulevard?


"Boulevard" is the correct spelling of the noun that means "A broad city street, often tree-lined and landscaped." AnswerParty!

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Boulevards in Omaha are part of a park and boulevard system originally designed in 1889 by Horace Cleveland. There are more than one hundred miles (150 km) of boulevards throughout the city of Omaha, Nebraska today.

The park-and-boulevard system is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Many types of road exist around the world, all of which are thoroughfares which can be used by motorized traffic. Roads are not necessarily available for use by the general public without permission, highways are available for by the public, although a toll may be charged. In places the term 'highway' is reserved for high capacity roads, in older English there was a distinction between 'highways and Byways'.

Different terms are used in different countries for broadly the same design, although there are differences. For example Freeway USA, Motorway UK and Autobahn DE all of which are broadly similar.

Boulevard Spelling

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