How do you say "good night sweet dreams" in german?


'Good night, sweet dreams.' translated from English to German is 'Gute Nacht, sube Traume'. Thanks for using AnswerParty!

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Bona nox! bist a rechta Ox, K. 561, is a canon in A major for four voices a cappella by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; Mozart entered this work into his catalogue on 1788 as part of a set of ten canons.

Nacht und Träume (Night and Dreams) is a lied for voice and piano by Franz Schubert, published in 1825 off of a text by Matthäus von Collin. In Otto Erich Deutsch's catalogue of Schubert's works, it is D. 827.

The song, a meditation on night and dreams, is marked "Sehr langsam" (very slowly) and is in the key of B major (with a modulation to the flattened submediant, G major, in the middle). There is a single dynamic indication, "pianissimo" (very quietly), which does not change throughout the song. The piano plays broken chords in semiquavers for the song's duration in a manner similar to bar five (the bar in which the voice enters), for example:

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The experience of being entertained has come to be strongly associated with amusement, so that one common understanding of the idea is fun and laughter, although many entertainments have a serious purpose. This may be the case in the various forms of ceremony, celebration, religious festival, or satire for example. Hence, there is the possibility that what appears as entertainment may also be a means of achieving insight or intellectual growth.


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