How do you pronounce this phrase, 'je pense que votre mignon et j'ai un peu comme vous'?


'Je is pronounced as zhuh, pense is pronounced as 'pause.' I think your cute and I like you a is the English translation of 'je pense que votre mignon et j'ai un peu comme vous.

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Speak to Me of Love (French: Parlez-moi d'amour) is a 2002 French drama film written and directed by Sophie Marceau and starring Judith Godrèche, Niels Arestrup, and Anne Le Ny. The first feature-length motion picture directed by actress Sophie Marceau, the film is about the breakup of a long-term relationship. Speak to Me of Love was filmed on location in New York City and Paris. In 2002, the film received the Montréal World Film Festival Award for Best Director (Sophie Marceau) and was nominated for the Grand Prix des Amériques.

Justine and Richard's fifteen-year relationship ends in separation due to irreconcilable differences with Justine maintaining custody of their three boys. Her new life means having to deal with being a single parent but at the same time, she comes to terms with her own parents' divorce and finds a common bond with her long-suffering mother. Richard, a renowned author, deals with the situation by devoting all his attention to his writing. Both are forced to confront their uncertain futures, while examining what led to the breakdown of their marriage.

There are increasing differences between the syntax used in spoken Quebec French and the syntax of other regional dialects of French. In French-speaking Canada, however, the characteristic differences of Quebec French syntax are not considered standard despite their high-frequency in everyday, relaxed speech.

What follow are examples of the most common distinctive constructions in Quebec French syntax. For comparison, a standard French used throughout la Francophonie (including Quebec and francophone Canada) is given in parentheses with the corresponding English translation given afterwards in italics. Note that some of the following constructions can also be found in other regional dialects of French such as Acadian French and dialects in Western France.

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