How do you make a drink taste like there isn't any alcohol in it?


Use alcohols that have a lower alcohol content and mix them with fruit juices, the sweet flavor helps to hide the taste.

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Historically, people secured food through two methods: hunting and gathering, and agriculture. Today, most of the food energy consumed by the world population is supplied by the food industry.


Drinking culture refers to the customs and practices associated with the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Although alcoholic beverages and social attitudes toward drinking vary around the world, nearly every civilization has independently discovered the processes of brewing beer, fermenting wine, and distilling spirits.

Alcohol and its effects have been present in societies throughout history. Drinking is documented in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, in the Qur'an, in art history, in Greek literature as old as Homer, and in Confucius’s Analects.

Antiseptics Flavor Taste

Jungle juice is the name given to an improvised mix of liquor that is usually served for group consumption.

Most jungle juice mixtures contain large quantities of hard alcohol mixed with a variety of fruit juices. For example, jungle juice may contain Everclear, rum, gin, tequila, vodka, mixed with orange, grapefruit, grape, apple, pineapple, or other juices for flavor and to stretch the quantity of alcohol. In addition, most jungle juice batches contain chunks of various fruits, such as pineapples, watermelons, or grapes. Another common recipe for large batches mixes Everclear and frozen juice concentrate in a large container, such as a garbage can, diluted with tap water to the desired strength. Jungle juice can also be made with Kool-Aid; this is sometimes called "Hunch Punch." A gin-based drink is the gin bucket, containing gin, fruits, and Fresca and served out of a suitably sized bucket.


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