How do u say ; your very beautiful and i miss you. In spanish?


The English phrase: 'You are very beautiful and I miss you' translates to 'Usted es muy hermoso y le echo de menos.' in Spanish.

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The Spanish language uses adjectives in a similar way to English and most other Indo-European languages. Spanish adjectives usually go after the noun they modify, and they agree with what they refer to in terms of both number (singular/plural) and gender (masculine/feminine).

Spanish adjectives are very similar to nouns, and often interchangeable with them. A bare adjective can take an article and be used in the same place as a noun (where English would require nominalization using the pronoun one(s)). For example:

Hospitality Recreation

Spanish grammar is the grammar of the Spanish language (español, castellano), which is a Romance language that originated in north central Spain and is spoken today throughout Spain, some twenty countries in the Americas, and Equatorial Guinea.

Spanish is an inflected language. The verbs are potentially marked for tense, aspect, mood, person, and number (resulting in some fifty conjugated forms per verb). The nouns form a two-gender system and are marked for number. Pronouns can be inflected for person, number, gender (including a residual neuter), and case, although the Spanish pronominal system represents a simplification of the ancestral Latin system.

The Spanish language has a range of pronouns that in some ways work quite differently from English ones. In particular, subject pronouns are often omitted, and object pronouns usually precede the verb.

The table below shows a cumulative list of personal pronouns from Peninsular, Latin American and Ladino Spanish.

Más y Menos are fictional superhero characters, around the age of 12, from the Teen Titans animated television series, affiliated with the Titans East team. They are among the few heroes on the series not to have originated in the comic book. Taken out of context, their names translate to "More" and "Less," but in their particular context (i.e. the symbols on their chests and their rallying cry), their names mean "Plus and Minus," as both "más" and "menos" can be used as mathematics terms. Más y Menos are both voiced by Freddy Rodriguez.

They are a pair of Spanish-speaking twins from Guatemala who can move at super speed, but only when they are in contact with each other. In Titans East Part 1, Aqualad states that their other power is to talk only in Spanish. Their battle cry is "¡Más y Menos, sí podemos!" which means, "Plus and Minus, yes we can!" in English. It seems that they are partially based on the Maya Hero Twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque depicted in the Popol Vuh chronicles; however, since their incorporation into the mainstream DC Universe, their origins and history have not been dealt with.


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