How do i enable java script on my lg 290c phone?


Java is not available on the LG KG290 phone. AnswerParty again!

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Lehrgeschwader 2 (LG 2) (Demonstration Wing 2) was a Luftwaffe unit during World War II, operating three fighter, night fighter, reconnaissance and ground support Gruppen (groups).

Lehrgeschwader were in general mixed-formation units tasked with the operational evaluation of new types of aircraft and/or with the development/evaluation of new operational tactics or practices. Each Gruppe within the unit was equipped with a different type of aircraft. Each Gruppe consisted of several Staffeln (squadrons). The Gruppe was identified by Roman numbers (I./LG 2) and the Staffel by Arabic numbers (10./LG 2).


The LG Vu (CU915/CU920) is a touchscreen feature phone made by LG. The phone is on the AT&T network and the CU920 features mobile TV. In Canada, a variant was sold under the model name TU915 by Rogers and Fido.

Usage time: up to 360 minutes

2.80" screen 400x240 Color TFT display


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