Does Vanna White have any children?


Vanna has two children: Nicholas, born 1994 & Giovanna, born 1997. She was married to their father in 1990, but divorced in 2002.

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Vanna White (born February 18, 1957) is an American television personality and film actress best known as the hostess of Wheel of Fortune since 1982.

Vanna Giovanna

The Vanna–Volga method is a technique for pricing first-generation exotic options in FX derivatives.

It consists in adjusting the Black–Scholes theoretical value (BSTV) by the cost of a portfolio which hedges three main risks associated to the volatility of the option: the Vega \mathcal{V}, the Vanna and the Volga. The Vanna is the sensitivity of the Vega with respect to a change in the spot FX rate:

Nina Yasikova Kind Hakim Provatoroff, known by her stage name of Nina Vanna (27 September 1899 – 8 November 1953), was a Russian-born British film actress who appeared in a number of films during the 1920s.

She sometimes played in historical dramas, playing Lady Jane Grey in the first of three film versions of her life (Lady Jane Grey; or, the Court of Intrigue) and Lucrezia Borgia in what may be the first of several versions.

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