Does cream cheese have rennet in it?


Yes cream cheese does contain rennet. Vegetarian cheeses are manufactured using rennet from either fungal or bacterial sources.

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Ardrahan Cheese company create two varieties of cheese. They originate from Ardrahan Farmhouse, Kanturk, County Cork in Ireland. The two varieties are Ardrahan and Duhallow. Eugene and Mary Burns first made Ardrahan cheese on their farm in County Cork in 1983 using traditional techniques. Both varieties are made entirely from the milk of the Burns' cow herd, which is composed of Friesian cows.

Ardrahan is a semi-soft vegetarian cheese made from pasteurised cow's milk and vegetarian rennet. It has a 25% fat content. It is made into wheels of 400g and 1.5 kg with a ridged brine-washed rind encrusted with moulds. A smoked version is also available.

The manufacture of Cheddar cheese includes the process of cheddaring which makes this cheese unique. Cheddar cheese is named for the village of Cheddar in Somerset in South West England where it was originally made. The manufacture has since spread around the world and the name has become generic.

Generally, the milk is raw milk (whole or 3,3%). The milk must be "ripened" before adding in the rennet. The term ripening means allowing the Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) to turn lactose into lactic acid which lowers the pH of the solution, greatly aiding in the coagulation of the milk. This is vital for the production of cheese curds that are later formed into Cheddar.

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