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Q92 WDJQ 393 Smyth Ave, NE Alliance, Ohio 44601 Studio Request Lines: (330) 450-9292 Toll-Free: 1-800-743-9292

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Alliance is a city in Stark and Mahoning counties in the U.S. state of Ohio. The population was 22,322 at the 2010 census. Alliance's nickname is "The Carnation City", and the city is home to the University of Mount Union.

The Stark County portion of Alliance is part of the Canton–Massillon Metropolitan Statistical Area, while the small Mahoning County portion is part of the Youngstown–Warren–Boardman, OH-PA Metropolitan Statistical Area.


A toll-free, Freecall, Freephone, 800, 0800 or 1-800 number is a special telephone number which is free for the calling party, and instead the telephone carrier charges the called party for the cost of the call. A toll-free number is identified by a service access code, from a dialing prefix range similar to a geographic area code, such as "800". The specific service access numbers can vary by country.

The capabilities of toll-free services have evolved as telephone networks have moved from electro-mechanical call switching to fully computerized stored program controlled networks.

A toll road, also known as a turnpike or tollway, is a public or private roadway for which a fee (or toll) is assessed for passage. It is a form of road pricing typically implemented to help recuperate the cost of road construction and maintenance, which (on public roads) amounts to a form of taxation.

Toll roads in some form have existed since antiquity, collecting their fees from passing travelers on foot, wagon or horseback; but their prominence increased with the rise of the automobile, and modern tollways collect their fees from motor vehicles exclusively. The amount of the toll usually varies by vehicle type, weight, or number of axles, with freight trucks often charged higher rates than cars.

A request line or contest line is a telephone line which allows listeners to a radio station (or sometimes a TV station) to call the radio studio or TV studio directly. In radio, this is usually to request a song, win a contest, be a part of a talk show, or to ask a question of the disk jockey, such as what the name and artist of a recent song was. Used occasionally in television, it is typically for telephone voting for an unscientific opinion poll in relation to news events, for a talk show, or sometimes to win a contest.

Although only one telephone number is usually announced, major stations typically have line hunting, with the same number being directed to any available one of several lines within the hunt group. If there are no open lines, the calling party may receive a busy signal as with an ordinary telephone call, or sometimes the special information tones followed by a recorded announcement that "all circuits are busy, please try your call again later". In this case, the line often first gives that caller a ringback tone as if the call were being completed, misleading callers to think they may have actually gotten through the swarm of other calls that sometimes flood these lines.

station Q92 Studio Request Lines Ohio NE Alliance 1-800-743-9292 (330) 450-9292

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