Did the guy on the show Jag end up with his partner, Mac?


Yes, Mac and Harmon end up getting married on the last show. AnswerParty on!

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This is an overview of the regular and recurring characters of long-running series JAG.

Note: All ranks are those shown and/or stated by the end of the series.

Television JAG Military personnel Mac

Lieutenant Colonel Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie, JAGC, USMC (played by Catherine Bell) is one of the main characters in the JAG TV series.

In her first appearance on the show and for several seasons, she holds the rank of Major USMC, (O-4s/Majors in the Army and Marine Corps are authorized to wear golden oak leaf embellishments on their combination covers) but is then promoted to Lieutenant Colonel USMC during the 5th season. In the final episode of the series Mac is selected as commander of Joint Legal Service Center Southwest, a JAG office in San Diego, CA. It is not known if she takes this position since her future is left to the audience's imagination. She and Captain Harmon "Harm" Rabb become engaged during the show's final episode, flipping a coin to see who will resign their commission. A possible spin-off centering around Mac's work in San Diego was pitched to CBS, but the network passed on the spin-off idea.

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