Did abraham lincoln have children and if so who were they?


Yes, he had 4 children Mary:Robert Todd Lincoln, Edward Baker Lincoln, William Wallace Lincoln, and Thomas Lincoln

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Edward Baker "Eddie" Lincoln (March 10, 1846 – February 1, 1850) was the second son of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln. He was named after Lincoln's friend Edward Dickinson Baker. His mother spelled his name "Eddie", while his father spelled it "Eddy."]citation needed[

William Wallace "Willie" Lincoln (December 21, 1850 – February 20, 1862) was the third son of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln. He died at the age of 11 due to illness. He was named after Mary's brother-in-law Dr. William Wallace.

Thomas Lincoln (January 6, 1778 – January 17, 1851) was an American farmer, carpenter and father of President Abraham Lincoln. Although Thomas descends from colonial Puritans and Quakers, he was a staunch Baptist. Unlike some of his ancestors, Thomas could not write, but he was a well-respected community and church member known for his honesty. Lincoln struggled to make a successful living for his family and met challenges of Kentucky real estate border disputes, the early death of his first wife and the integration of his second wife's family into his own family before making his final home in Illinois.


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