Can you order these from least to greatest: 3/4 1/6 3/8 5/8?


It would be 1/6, 3/8, 5/8, and 3/4 in that order from least to greatest. Thanks for choosing AnswerParty!

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Order theory is a branch of mathematics which investigates our intuitive notion of order using binary relations. It provides a formal framework for describing statements such as "this is less than that" or "this precedes that". This article introduces the field and provides basic definitions. A list of order-theoretic terms can be found in the order theory glossary.


In mathematics, especially in order theory, the greatest element of a subset S of a partially ordered set (poset) is an element of S which is greater than or equal to any other element of S. The term least element is defined dually.

Formally, given a partially ordered set (P, ≤), then an element g of a subset S of P is the greatest element of S if

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