Can you call a county jail and talk to an inmate?


Inmates can make outgoing calls but you cannot call a jail to speak to an inmate. You should first call the facility and ask what the options are. Calls are affordable and last 15 to 20 min. AnswerParty back soon.

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Inmate Telephone Systems have been designed to provide a monitored method for inmate and detainees to safely maintain contact with their family and friends, while at the same time providing tools to the jail management staff that permit recording, monitoring and alerts of inmate telephone activities. Providers include NCIC Operator Services, Telewest Inmate Phones.

Ideally, telephone service for inmates allows for the rehabilitation of inmates by allowing consistent communication with family and legal counsel. This consistent communication prevents the detachment of the inmate from their family during a medium-term to long-term incarceration.

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