Can you activate trap cards out of your hand during you're opponents turn in yugioh?


It appears that every trap card needs to be used after your opponent activates his or her card first! AnswerParty for now!

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A collectible card game (CCG), also called a trading card game (TCG) or customizable card game, is a card game that uses specially designed sets of playing cards. The terms "collectible," "trading," et al. are used interchangeably due to copyrights and patent holdings of game companies. The core definition requires the game to resemble trading cards in shape and function, be mass-produced for trading or collectibility, and it must have rules for strategic game play. Another definition for CCGs is described by Scrye magazine as a card game in which the player uses his own deck utilizing cards that are mostly sold in random assortments. Acquiring these cards may be done by trading with other players or buying them from retailers. If every card for the game can be obtained by making only a small number of purchases, or if the manufacturer does not market it as a CCG, then it is not a CCG.

The Base Ball Card Game from 1904 is a noteworthy predecessor to CCGs because it had similar qualities but it never saw production to qualify it as a collectible card game. The rules of the game remain missing and it is not known if the game was intended to be a standalone product or something altogether different like Top Trumps. Other notable entries that resemble and predate the CCG are Strat-O-Matic, Nuclear War, and Illuminati.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dead End Drive

See also Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game

A number of booster packs have been released for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. Every booster pack up to "Ancient Sanctuary" contained around 110 cards (some have more, some have less), but they are typically sold in nine card packs, with each package featuring at least one rare card. Every booster pack set starting with "Soul of the Duelist" contains 60 cards. The only exceptions to this are the Dark Beginnings 1 & 2, as well as Dark Revelations 1, 2, & 3, which contain cards from past booster sets. TCG booster packs contain 9 cards, and OCG boosters contain 5.


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