Can the snake breed BALL python swim? In water?


The Ball python can swim, some sources say they are expert swimmers. However, some dislike water and have no interest in swimming

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Python regius is a nonvenomous python species found in Africa. This is the smallest of the African pythons and is popular in the pet trade, largely due to its typically docile temperament. No subspecies are currently recognized. It is also known as royal python or ball python. The name "ball python" refers to the animal's tendency to curl into a ball when stressed or frightened. The name "royal python" (from the Latin regius) is based in part on the story that Cleopatra supposedly wore the snake around her wrist.

Squamata Herpetology

Fauna of Africa, in its broader sense, is all the animals living on the African continent and its surrounding seas and islands. The more characteristic African fauna is found in the Afrotropical ecoregion - formerly called Ethiopian (the Sub-Saharan Africa). Lying almost entirely within the tropics, and equally to north and south of the equator creates favourable conditions for rich wildlife.

Pythonidae Films Python Snake

Python molurus bivittatus Kuhl, 1820

The Burmese Python (Python bivittatus) is one of the five largest snakes in the world, native to a large variation of tropic and subtropic areas of Southern- and Southeast Asia. They are often found near water and are sometimes semi-aquatic, but can also be found in trees. Wild individuals average 3.7 metres (12 ft) long, but may reach up to 5.74 metres (19 ft).

Billed as "the UK's biggest mass participation open water swimming series" with over 22,000 participants taking part across 5 events, the Great Swim was started in 2008 with a one mile Great North Swim in Windermere. Taking its inspiration from the world’s biggest half marathon the Great North Run, Great Swim uses the formula of mass participation events to provide a focus and a challenge for which the individual can train.

After the success of the inaugural Great North Swim on 14 September 2008, which attracted over 2,200 swimmers of all ages and abilities (including five of the six Olympic Open Water Medallists), the series was expanded in 2009 to 4 events. The Great London Swim took place for the first time on 15 August 2009 in Royal Victoria Dock. The Great Scottish Swim took place on Saturday 29 August 2009 at Strathclyde Park, followed by the Great North Swim on 12 and 13 September 2009 and finally the Great East Swim on Saturday 26 September in Alton Water.


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