Can rubbing your eye scratch your cornea?


Not rip but you can scratch your cornea by rubbing your eye if you rub too hard or if you have some sort of foreign object in your eye such as a pebble. It's best to check with your eye doctor if you suspect any damage. AnswerParty!

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Corneal abrasion is a medical condition involving the loss of the surface epithelial layer of the eye's cornea.

Symptoms of corneal abrasion include pain, photophobia, a foreign-body sensation, excessive squinting, and a reflex production of tears. Signs include epithelial defects and edema, and often conjunctival infection, swollen eyelids, large pupils and a mild anterior-chamber reaction. The vision may be blurred, both from any swelling of the cornea and the excess tears. Crusty build up from excess tears may also be present.

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