Are there any delays for Warren County School District?


As of yet, there have been no school closings or delays announced for Warren County School District. According to the official website, they are on time as scheduled. AnswerParty on!

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A weather-related cancellation or delay is closure, cancellation, or delay of an institution, operation, or event as a result of inclement weather. Certain institutions, such as schools, are likely to close when bad weather, such as snow, flooding, tropical cyclones or extreme heat or cold impairs travel, causes power outages, or otherwise impedes public safety or makes opening the facility impossible or more difficult. Depending upon the local climate, the chances of a school or school system closing may vary. While some regions may close or delay schools when there is any question of safety, others located in areas where bad weather is a regular occurrence may remain open, as local people may be accustomed to travelling under such conditions.

Many countries and smaller jurisdictions have mandates for a minimum number of school days in a year. To meet these requirements, many schools that face a likelihood of closure build a few extra school days into their calendar. If, by the end of the year, these days are unused, some schools give students days off. If all snow days are exhausted, and inclement weather requires more closures, schools make the days up later in the year.

Warren Delays Education

The Warren County School District (WCSD) is a public school district in Warren County, Pennsylvania, and it is designed to encompass all but three county municipalities. It has four attendance areas: North, East, West and Central. Warren County School District encompasses approximately 792 square miles. According to 2000 federal census data, it serves a resident population of 40,689. In 2009, the residents' per capita income was $17,898, while median family income was $42,714. In the Commonwealth, the median family income was $49,501 and the United States median family income was $49,445, in 2010. Per school district officials, in school year 2005–06, the Warren County School District provided basic educational services to 5,552 pupils through the employment of 474 teachers, 302 full-time and part-time support personnel, and 28 administrators. The Warren County School District received more than $33 million in state funding in school year 2005–06.


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