Are there any celebrities from Raytown, Missouri?


There are no known celebrities from Raytown, Missouri. There are celebrities from other parts of Missouri though.

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Raytown is a city in Jackson County, Missouri, United States, and is a suburb of Kansas City. The population was at 29,526 in 2010 census. The mayor of Raytown is David Bower.


C. Lee Kenagy Park, or just Kenagy Park as it is also known as, is a City Park located in Raytown, Missouri, USA. This 18-acre (73,000 m2) multi-purpose park can be found at 79th Street and Raytown Road. It includes many park amenities, and is often visited by Raytown locals. Recent renovations include a larger parking lot, a new playground, a soda machine, and a new entrance.

The park is very well equipped, and includes: six shelters, four lighted tennis courts, a Baseball field, and a .44 mile long walking track surrounding a Fishing pond. Also included are three playgrounds, and two enclosed restrooms. The most distinctive feature in this park may just be the skatepark, located on the southwest corner of the park.

Raytown Senior High School is a high school located in Raytown, Missouri. The school was established in 1914. The enrollment of Raytown High School currently stands at 1503 students. The school, located in downtown Raytown, underwent two years of renovations from 1992-1994. The most recent renovations were completed just before the 2008-2009 term, and included the addition of 2 science classrooms. The school currently has Missouri A+ designation, and is MSIP Accredited.

"In 1903, Raytown’s first high school, located on the corner of 63rd street and Raytown Road, was housed in a wood frame store, where parents paid four dollars a month for 25 children to attend the one-teacher school. In 1907 the first school graduated 12 students. In 1906 Consolidated District #2 (first created in 1903) was reorganized under the Buford Act, consolidating 8 independent rural schools districts: Bennington, Central, Chapel, Lane, Parkview, Raytown, Spring Valley, and Stormy Point. By 1948 these 8 schools were consolidated into 3: Blue Ridge, Chapel, and Raytown. In 1914 a combination high school and grade school was built at 63rd and Raytown Road, and in 1927 the construction of the original section of the present Raytown High School was completed. In 1939 the W.P.A. helped add the south wing, which was followed by the north wing addition in 1950. In November 1944 floodlights were added to the athletic field, and it was then dedicated as a Memorial field to honor the 21 graduated who died in World War II. Construction on the north wing and the band room followed in 1967. The last renovation took place in 1992-1994. In the fall of 2004 the Physical Education locker room renovations were completed. Raytown High School’s outstanding reputation for excellence in academics and extra-curricular activities earned it admission to the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and colleges in 1946, and in 1951 the state awarded Raytown High School its AAA classification." This is taken from the Raytown High School Handbook located at the Raytown Quality Schools Online Site. BG Gang.

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