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Try ALDO NIGHT CLUB 661-324-2536 1900 Union Ave Bakersfield, CA 93305 - AnswerParty!

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California Try ALDO NIGHT CLUB Ave Bakersfield 661-324-2536 1900

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Bakersfield is a city near the southern end of the San Joaquin Valley in Kern County, California. It is roughly equidistant between Fresno and Los Angeles, which are 110 miles (180 km) to the north and south respectively. In the 2010 census, the city’s population was 347,483, making it the 9th largest city in California and the 52nd largest city in the United States. The city is also the county seat for Kern County, which encompasses the entire MSA and is the third largest county in California by area. The total Bakersfield inner urban area which includes East Bakersfield and Rosedale has a population of approximately 464,000

The San Joaquin Valley /ˌsæn hwɑːˈkn/ is the area of the Central Valley of the U.S. state of California that lies south of the Sacramento – San Joaquin River Delta in Stockton. Although most of the valley is rural, it does contain metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs, meaning urban cities and suburbs) such as McFarland, Delano, Fresno, Bakersfield, Stockton, Modesto, Visalia, Porterville, Merced, Madera, and Hanford.


The Bakersfield Open Invitational was a golf tournament on the PGA Tour that was played at the Bakersfield Country Club in Bakersfield, California in the early 1960s. The inaugural event played as the Bakersfield Open in 1961.

Bakersfield Open Invitational

Bakersfield is home to several minor league sports franchises and athletic programs at Bakersfield College and California State University, Bakersfield.

Bakersfield is also the center for racing sports held in the region. They include drag strip, jet boat, dirt track and paved. Most are held at tracks located about 20 miles outside of the city.

Covering an area of 163,696 sq mi (423,970 km2), California is geographically diverse. The Sierra Nevada, the fertile farmlands of the Central Valley, and the arid Mojave Desert of the south are some of the major geographic features of this U.S. state. It is home to some of the world's most exceptional trees: the tallest (coast redwood), most massive (Giant Sequoia), and oldest (bristlecone pine). It is also home to both the highest (Mt. Whitney) and lowest (Death Valley) points in the 48 contiguous states.

The state is generally divided into Northern and Southern California, although the boundary between the two is not well defined. San Francisco is decidedly a Northern California city and Los Angeles likewise a Southern California one, but areas in between do not often share their confidence in geographic identity. The US Geological Survey defines the geographic center of the state at a point near North Fork, California.

Kern County is a county spanning the southern end of the California Central Valley. Covering 8,161.42 square miles (21,138.0 km2), it ranges west to the southern slope of the Coast Ranges, and east beyond the southern slope of the eastern Sierra Nevada into the Mojave Desert. The population of Kern County was 839,631 in 2010, making it the eleventh most populous county in the state. Its county seat is Bakersfield. The county's economy is heavily linked to agriculture and to petroleum extraction. There is also strong aviation, space, and military presence, such as Edwards Air Force Base and China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station.

The area was claimed by the Spanish in 1769, and in 1772 Commander Don Pedro Fages became the first European to enter it, from the south by way of the Grapevine Canyon.

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