Are Clayton County schools closed tomorrow?


Yes, they just made a new announcement. Clayton County Schools will be closed tomorrow, January 13 due to inclement weather.

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Clayton County Public Schools is a public school district located in Jonesboro, Georgia, U.S. With over 50,823 students, CCPS is the fifth largest school district in Georgia and is ranked among the 100 largest school systems in the U.S.. The 67 learning campuses that compose the district number nine high schools, 14 middle schools, 35 elementary schools, three non-traditional schools, and six other educational programs. Students can attend their neighborhood schools or charter schools. High school students can attend a magnet program for the arts, and take online courses. Gifted education programs are available for elementary, middle, and high school students. The school district is highly diversified with 90 different countries of origin represented. Seventy-two different languages are spoken, with the largest two major foreign languages being Spanish and Vietnamese. Some 9,528 students speak a language other than English and 4,600 are counted as English language learners.

There are nine closed campus and one open campus High Schools located in Clayton County, Georgia.

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